Frequently Asked Questions

1. I found ______ on Pinterest, but can't find it on the blog or in your store.  Where can I find it?

If the picture didn't go to a direct link of the product then I have probably taken it down. I often take old items down in my store or on the blog for various reasons.  The most common reason is that I intended to update the packet and just haven't gotten around to doing so or posting it.  There are some of my older things floating around on Pinterest that are gone forever. As I have changed computers over the years some of those files have gotten lost in the shuffle.  Sorry!

2.  Can I edit this or can you send me an editable version?

I currently don't make items that are editable.  Due to the terms of use from the clip artists I use the file must be secure and therefore un-editable.  Another problem with making things editable is that you may like a certain font that I have used and if it's editable that font would be something you have to buy or download.  This gets into such a tricky situation so I have avoided making editable files to save us both from frustration.

3.  How do you make your files?

I make everything in Power Point.  Then I save the Power Point files as a PDF using Adobe Pro.

4.  Where did you get your clip art?

I have a few favorite clip artists/font designers such as Kate Hadfield Designs, Hello Literacy Fonts, Kimberaly Geswein Fonts, Melonheadz, Krista Wallden, and KPM Doodles to name a few.  I also use clip art from lots of various Etsy sellers and TPT sellers depending on what I am looking for.

5.  I found an error in your product what should I do?

As hard as I try to edit and revise my products typos may sneak through.  If you find one, please e-mail me at as soon as possible to let me know.  I will try my hardest to fix the mistake that day and upload a corrected packet.  I also appreciate your understanding in letting me know kindly.

6.  I can't print this file, what should I do?

The first thing to try if you can't print a file or are having trouble saving/printing a file is to update your version of Adobe Reader.  This fixes 90% of all printing problems.  If you are still having trouble after that, Jamie from 2nd Grade Stuff has THIS great tutorial with lots of pictures!

7.  I love this packet, can I/you translate it?

I have just begun to start working with a Spanish interpreter to see about translating some packets into Spanish.  This will be a slow process as I have to send the file, she has to translate and then I have to re-format all the text. I hope to have some of my more frequently requested items available in Spanish soon! My terms of use do not allow for buyers to translate files at this time.


  1. I have a great file of yours that I would like to translate into spanish, as we have many bilingual teachers in our school and district. I could send you the translations for the non fiction text features posters since I know you don't allow editing of your files. Please adivse as to what we could work out.

  2. Hey Lorraine! Send me an e-mail at I'd love to hear more!