Homeschool Cart

This first week at home has been a whirlwind.  We are trying to find somewhat of a balance between doing homeschool activities, working from home and just being together all hours of the day.  Since it's looking like we may be home for quite some time I wanted to do some organizing with our "homeschool materials".  Now let me say I did NOT buy all these things this past week.  Being a former teacher and now a speech-language pathologist I often think it's fun to buy my kids educational games, art supplies and toys for holidays and birthdays so I just collected all of the things we had and put them in one central location.  I did buy the cart, the organizing cups, and baskets this week.  I ordered everything from Amazon since we are stuck at home. I will try to link everything as best as I can. Please know that I am not an amazon affiliate (or an affiliate of anything for that matter), I make no money off your clicks and I just genuinely like these products to use with my children. Also, my children are 2.5 and almost 6 so the materials on our cart may be different than what would work for your children if they are different ages. 

Having said all that the cart came out better than I imagined and is definitely super organized!  After all this quarantine business ends and life goes somewhat back to normal the cart is small enough to fit into my closet to keep all our art/craft supplies and I will most likely take some of these things back to my speech room.  If you have any questions about the materials or how we use them please let me know! 

To start, here's the cart, hanging baskets and mini-white organizing baskets I ordered this week.  The black basket at the bottom and the galvanized tubs at the top we had, both are from Walmart. 

Let's start with the top tier!  From bottom left moving clockwise here's what I've added!

Now for the second tier! 
Magnetic Alphabet (Target Dollar Spot)
Magnetic Numbers (Target Dollar Spot)
Magnetic Shapes (Target Dollar Spot)
Alphabet Flashcards (bought from local teacher store, but link is similar)
Number, Shapes, and Colors Flashcards (bought from local teacher store)

The Bottom Tier!
Magnetic Cookie Sheets (Dollar Tree)
Dry Erase Primary Lined Board (bought from local teacher store but link is similar)

That wraps it up!  I hope that's given you some ideas to use with your homeschool adventure!

Free Speech and Language Home Practice

Our school district just announced yesterday that we'll be participating in a 2-week closure due to the current health crisis.  My district has asked us to prepare a packet of materials for each of our students to send home. I thought it may be helpful to have a post of FREE materials that you could send home if you are in the same situation. Most of the handouts have parent information and/or practice activities.   I hope they're helpful!

This file was created specifically for therapists who have limited access to paper and copies.  A one-page sheet is included for each area; articulation, fluency, communication, pragmatics, and language.  I also included word lists for articulation sounds to accompany the articulation handout. 

This was developed specifically for parents of students who exhibit stuttering (not reading fluency). 

These are great for younger children or for children who demonstrate limited verbalizations. They give very specific ideas for how to practice a variety of skills using each toy or activity. 

I created these half-sheets to help outline the specific home program plan I have created for each of my students. I chose a variety of handouts/worksheets to include in each packet.  Some are from the free materials above and some are from my Home Program Bundle Pack or Articulation Workbooks as shown in the last picture. 

I truly hope these make planning for the unknown a little easier during this time.  If you have any questions about using the materials or handing them out please let me know.  

Speech-Language Carryover

One of my goals this year was to increase my collection of carryover activities and to do better at sending home plenty of home practice with my students.  I put together a collection of all the carryover/home practice activities and handouts I have been using this year! 
(Spoiler alert: I use a lot of astrobrights paper!) If you are interested in any of these activities for your kiddos, I have linked all the files (a few freebies are included!)

These are new this year and so far they have been great to send home after an IEP meeting when we've developed new goals for a new language skill.  I love brochures in general (you'll see a couple more in this post) and think they are super easy to print and send.  I also like how they are part instructional and part practice. 

I have had these for a while.  They used to be called Speech Sound Homework.  Over the years I have tweaked and updated them as needed. 

I have three sets of calendars I use, the school-year set, the FREE winter break set, and the summer break set.  All have calendars for fluency, articulation, language, communication, and pragmatics. The activities do not vary too much from week to week.  This was intentional to help encourage carryover and develop a routine for practice. 

These were the first set of brochures I created and I have used them so much!  I hand them out whenever we begin a new sound or a student is new to articulation therapy. 

These were created to handout in between annual review meetings or progress reports when I have had a parent ask for ways to help or check-in with their student's progress. 

These are very new and I created them with parents in mind.  They have several instructional pages for parents to help when working with their children.  They also have practice pages with targeted words/pictures or strategies for students to complete too. Over the years, parents have asked frequently for a "workbook" to help them with their speech progress and I finally put them together.  So far I have posted one workbook for each articulation sound and a fluency workbook for stuttering.  

Make and Take Therapy Activities
Over the last several years I have tried to incorporate more therapy activities that are "make and take" for my students.  These are a collection of activities or printables that we can use/play with during therapy and then they can be taken home for practice at home as well.  In the picture below I have included my Easy/Tricky Pockets, Articulation Flipbooks, Speech Spinners, Paper Bag Games, No-Prep Articulation Cards, Dot Art, Spin, Say and Graph, Play-Based Speech Therapy Homework and Language Fortune Tellers.

Last but not least, I just posted a NEW and FREE fluency brochure!  This brochure gives tips, tricks and strategies to help encourage smooth, easy speech. This focuses on conversational fluency to use when working with students who stutter. 

I hope that has given you some new ideas for encouraging speech and language carryover!  If you use any of these with your students I would love to hear about it!