App Review {Phonological Awareness Lab}

I have teamed up with Smarty Ears for another fun review of one of their educational apps.  I recently reviewed Phonological Awareness Lab and let me tell you I absolutely LOVE it!!  It was seriously hard to find something I didn't like about it.  The app is for sale in the iTunes store for $13.99 which may seem high for an app but let me tell you there are so many activities in this app that the price is well worth it! (And Apple iTunes gift cards are always a great thing to put on your teacher wish list!) Here's what the icon looks like.
So, what is this app all about?  Let's take a little walk through it!
Here is the opening screen. To get started I chose "Select a Scientist". 

I made a character for myself since I was the only one using it right now.  You can choose an avatar or a student photo. Smarty Ears does not require a birthdate for this app like some of their others, yay!!  So, I got started right away!

Here's the page to select which type of activity you want your kiddos to work on.  I SO wish I had this in my classroom when I was teaching, it would make an AWESOME literacy center. Here's a peek inside each "room of the lab".

And one of the best parts of this app (as is common with all the Smarty Ears apps) they give you a wonderful student report that you can print or e-mail to keep data on the student. And yes, I was purposely getting them wrong so I could see a variation in the data. Who doesn't LOVE data, right?? ; )

All of the instructions are verbal since students are practicing their phonological skills.  As with all my app reviews here are my strengths and wishes! 

Let me say it was really hard to find a wish for this app.  I think it is WONDERFULLY done and as I said before I wish I had it when I was in the classroom to use as a literacy center. I will definitely be adding it to my list of educational apps for teachers, SLPs and parents.  So many of my kiddos needed practice with phonological awareness and this app is definitely engaging!
*Please note I was not paid for my review of this app but I was given the app for free to review.*

Blair Turner Paper Giveaway!

For anyone that knows me or has been reading this blog for awhile you know I love all things organization!  Well, my friend Blair Turner, you may have heard of her, she runs this little TPT store ; ) has started her own paper company with her beautiful designs!  Blair Turner Paper offers notepads, calendars, planners and the highly coveted monthly Very Busy Box!  She was looking for a few people to a few paper goodies out and of course I said "me, me, me!".  I was not prepared for how much AWESOMENESS she was going to send my way.  Here's a photo of just some of the cute things she sent. 

I don't even know what I'm most excited about!  She sent so many things that I would love to give some of them away!  This is going to be a different kind of giveaway since I will be sending actual paper goods (not digital items) which means if you're one of the lucky winners I will need an address to send the goodies too!  Here's what we're giving away!

Four super cute notepads!! Here's a closer look:

 I'll pick four winners from the Rafflecopter below and I'll send a notepad to each winner.  I have one "this week", one "today" and two "a note from the teacher" notepads to giveaway! I'll decide who gets what using that order.  Ex. 1st winner will get the "this week" notepad, 2nd winner will get the "today" notepad and 3rd and 4th winners will get the "note from a teacher" notepad!  Does that make sense??  I hope so!  Enter below for your chance to win!

Literacy Handouts for Parents

I am working on a fun summer reading program at work.  I have been trying to think of how to tackle the five weeks of intense reading remediation and my first task was to create handouts for parents! I have tons of tips and tricks for teaching literacy that I have learned from my experiences in the classroom and I wanted to turn these into easy to print handouts for parents to take-home and implement with their children.  Handouts are available for FREE! You can click on any picture below to download them!

I hope they are something you can use with your students too! If tomorrow is your first day back since Spring Break I hope it goes smoothly and I know the countdown to summer is on! : )