Phrase Flips

As you know this month has been all about colors!  To add to this I have been specifically working on two word phrases (color + object) with several of my kiddos.  My go to resource when working on two word phrases for colors and objects is Mr. Potato Head (ex. blue nose, green hat, etc.) but I also put together some interactive flip books too!  These flip books have been great to expand new vocabulary of nouns and colors.  Check them out below!  You can click on any picture below to check it out on TPT too! (Sorry for the glare, lamination just doesn't photograph well!)

App Review {Smarty Spell}

I was so excited when I saw Smarty Ears was looking for bloggers to review their new app, Smarty Spell.  I LOVE the Smarty Ears apps for speech and language therapy and use many of them in my therapy sessions each day.  I was even more excited because this one seemed more geared towards teachers with the spelling theme.  I don't work on spelling with my speech kiddos (there may be SLPs that do, I just don't have any kiddos on my caseload with spelling goals).  So, when I reviewed this app I looked at it purely from a teacher stand point.  First, the price of the app is $3.99 and is available in the iTunes App Store.  I think the price is definitely fair. 
Here's what the icon looks like.  Such a smart little hippo!

Here is the opening screen.  Very easy to navigate and begin using right away,

Setting up players is super easy too.  You simply put in a name and add an avatar or a picture.  I choose an avatar.  I like that it doesn't ask for a birthday.  Many of the other Smarty Ears apps ask for birthdays and I usually don't have the birthday right in front of me and I don't like to put that much patient information into an app.  I am super cautious about HIPAA!

Here's the page of spelling lists to choose from.  I played around with the custom lists so you'll see my short /a/ list I began creating.  I would really like to see pre-loaded lists by phonics pattern.  Whenever I taught spelling in the classroom we always went by phonics pattern. 

Here's what the actual spelling page looks like.  Very clean and simple.   I like the letter tiles for kiddos that struggle with spelling but to use this app with the on grade level or advanced kiddos I'd like a keyboard instead of the letter tiles to make it more challenging or as close to a real spelling situation as possible. 

Here's a breakdown of what I believe are the strengths of the app and a few wishes I'd like to see in the future of the app. : )
In the end I would recommend this app for struggling spellers in the classroom but not with my class as a whole.  It would a great app to include in an RTI plan.  With a few updates I think it could definitely be a whole class option to use instead of the traditional spelling test on Fridays!

*Please note I was not paid for my review of this app but I was given the app for free to review.*

Vocabulary Parking Lots

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Things at work have been ridiculously busy and my sweet husband's baseball season has started so I apologize for being so MIA.  I just wanted to pop in real quick and share a new FREEBIE!  I have a few little kiddos who LOVE cars and we are working on naming and identifying vocabulary.  So, I while trying to combine the two I came up with vocabulary parking lots!  You ca download them for free by clicking on either picture below! 
Here's the parking lot in action! You can also connect mats to make one long road as kiddos get more and more comfortable with the vocabulary. 

What can you use these for?  Here are some ideas!
Following Commands: Say “Drive to the ___”.
Naming Vocabulary: Say “What’s that?”
Identifying Vocabulary: Say “Can you find the __?”.
Two-step directions: Say “Drive to the __ then go to the __”.
Object function: Say “Find something we __ (wear/eat/ride, etc)”. 
Qualitative Concepts: Say “Find something that is ____ (yellow, small, etc.)”.
Non-speech/Environmental Sounds: Encourage imitation of animals sounds, make a car sound “vroom” as you drive.

All About Color!

Happy March!  March brings one of my favorite themes to teach, colors!!  During the month of March we did anything and everything to do with the rainbow when I was in the classroom!  So, in speech this month I wanted to incorporate colors into therapy.  With my little ones we will be sorting objects by color and practicing our two word phrases for colors+object and with my bigger kiddos I have some crafts to incorporate more difficult articulation or language goals!  I plan on doing all of this with my new packet, All About Color!

This packet was created for speech and language therapy but also for kindergarteners too!  I know those kinder kiddos work on identifying and naming colors throughout the school year and there are many activities in here that would work great with kinders!  I think I am most excited about the crafts, I am a sucker for crafitivities.   There are three crafts with templates included in the packet. 

I had to throw in a pot of gold for St. Patrick's Day.  I plan on reading several Leprechaun books with my sweet kiddos this month too!

I cannot get enough of these 3D rainbows!  They are just awesome.  All the crafts were created with the speech and language strips included in the packet. I also used colored copy paper for each craft.  I bought the rainbow pack of colored copy paper from Walmart.  I used the /k/ and /g/ strips for my examples but there are MANY different goals covered.  I hope March decides to be a little warmer than February has been! Have a great week!