Where have I been?

I started my new job!!  I have been super busy with all that comes with a new job and in the middle of all that I have been trying to cross things off my to-do list!  If you follow me on Facebook or instagram you may have already seen my latest and greatest creations but if not here's a recap.  

I put together some fun seasonal close reading passage packs that focus on vocabulary and comprehension.  Spring and summer are in the works too : )

I FINALLY finished that Poppleton unit. It only took me 2 years! Oops!

I also added a new 4th grade math pack all about Place Value.

And I bundled all my 4th grade math centers into one GIANT bundle! It has everything you need for centers for the whole year in 4th grade!

I also updated my Numbers in Base Ten pack that the wonderful Amy Lemons blogged a bit about the other day!  Her kiddos are loving the hundreds board puzzles!

And last but not least I have been prepping, prepping, prepping new speech materials!  These are from Jenna Rayburn.  LOVE her new interactive books! 
Sadly it was the only picture I have managed to take, so far we have been singing a lot and my kiddos are loving them!
Let's have a giveaway since I have been MIA lately!  Leave a comment (with your e-mail address) and I'll pick a lucky winner to win ANY one pack from my store for FREE!!  Happy Wednesday!