Do you have a unit that has recently been updated??  I have been working hard to update some of my older units. It's funny how quickly my style tastes have changed.  Some of them simply received a facelift while others had a complete overhaul!  If you own one of these units be sure to go to "My Purchases" on TPT to download the most up to date version at no additional cost! Or you could also click on the picture below to download it as well! You'll notice some similarities in the updated covers, I was going for a more unified, cohesive look.  : )

If you don't own one of the updated units, I still have several more on my list to update and there are others that simply received corrections or additions from buyers Q&A or feedback this summer.  Be sure to check out your purchases on TPT for any files that have been updated (there will be a red notification that says "Newly Revised"). 

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