No Prep Practice: Language {And a FREEBIE!}

Well another weekend has come and is almost gone.  My family and I spent ours at the American Legion baseball tournament (my husband is a baseball coach) and sadly his team was eliminated in two games but they had an amazing season so it's all good!  While we were on the road I worked on a few new things.  First up is a pack I'm super excited about because it involves NO LAMINATING!  I am laminated out.  But this is also my first shot at a "printables" pack.  I don't typically make printables but I deiced to give it a try and I'm pretty excited with how it turned out. It has 50 black/white printable pages that focus on 10 different language concepts.  I created it for speech therapy but can also work very well in a K-2 classroom for literacy as it has many skills that are included in the CCSS.  You can check it out by clicking on the picture below.
As you can see in the preview I made some cube activities which also gave me another idea for cubes.  Working on articulation skills with elementary kids who are at the conversation level can be done in so many ways and I decided to make some conversation cubes to add into the mix!  I included a few ideas of how to use these  (both in speech and in the classroom!) but the possibilities are really endless!  And even better yet is that it's FREE!  
{A note about freebies…I LOVE offering freebies because I really love just genuinely sharing a good idea when I know it's going to benefit so many kiddos and I truly believe that as teachers we spend way too much of our own money in the classroom. We will always want what's best for our kiddos so we will continue to spend our money and freebies here and there help out in a big way.  However, a lot of my free files have been popping up on school district wiki websites or file sharing websites.  PLEASE do not do this. I do have it in my terms of use that this is a violation and I really do not want to fight that battle. If you know one of my files is being shared on one of these sites (or on a private school sharing website) please ask them to take it down or feel free to contact me at If you want to share a free file with your teammates please e-mail them the link to it on TPT or the blog post. Thank you!!}  

Okay one more thing before I try to make it to the pool today (if only these clouds would go away!) Want to win No Prep Practice: Language Concepts??  Leave a blog comment telling me one thing you're planning to do before going back to school!


  1. Love your creations as always and thanks for the freebie!! I'm planning to spend some quality play time with my niece and nephew before I head back tk school and they head back to California!


  2. I'm planning on sleeping in past my 6:15 school year wake up time and spending as much fun time as possible with my own 3 kids!!!

    Tammy Andrews

  3. I plan to sleep, relax and hang around my house for as long as I can or at least until September 2nd hits! Maybe a trip or two to the beach as well.

    Jen Jacobsen

  4. I am planning, more so hoping to take my kiddos to Wet n Wild Emerald Pointe Waterpark. They have been dying to go since their first visit last summer.

  5. I am trying to go through my digital files, which have gotten too large for me to find what I will actually use! Would love to win this!!

    tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

  6. With a much shorter summer than usual, I have found myself already planning. So with the final week of summer upon me, I plan on finding just a little time for myself....Starbucks, sunshine, and a little retail therapy (that's NOT a teacher store)!

  7. Love it - I second your laminating woes. Between summer school and the school year, I'm busy making and organizing materials, attending trainings for my new school district, and enjoying another beautiful summer in Minneapolis!