Articulation Crowns & Quick Notes

I have been on a roll the past few weeks.  Sometimes it is so hard to decide what I want or need to create and then other times I can't make them fast enough.  After creating my Articulation Cards I also put together a super fun pack of Articulation Crowns!  
To show them off I enlisted the help of my sweet family.  My husband said he'd only do it if he could make a silly face and Camden was just happy to stare and smile at the camera.  

Want to try out Articulation Crowns with your kiddos?  You can try the /P/ phoneme for FREE!  Click on the picture below to check it out.
The full Articulation Crowns pack includes 19 phonemes, a crown and certificate in both color and B/W are included.  I am so excited to use these, I know my kiddos will love them!
And last but not least I also put together a small pack of "quick notes"! The quick notes allow you to give teachers and parents feedback after a session quickly with the data you took, while also giving suggestions for how they can continue to practice the targeted sound or sounds with the student. The pack includes 19 quick notes (one for each phoneme) and 12 articulation games/activity cards with explicit directions for parents or teachers.

Now I'm taking a break from articulation and moving onto language…I have a fun activity with categories, inferences and QR codes coming soon!

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  1. Added the quick notes to my wish list on TpT. I love the instructions for games to send home for speech homework - way better than worksheets! :)