I have been so frustrated lately with my kiddos lack of math fact fluency.  So, I sat down to try and plan ways to help them develop better fluency with their facts.  By developing math fact fluency, the more complex word problems become so much easier!  I have a few things in the works but I just wrapped up my Multiplication pack and wanted to let you all know about it in case your kiddos are having this same problem.  

This pack was created by request and includes a few games from Let's Play a Game pack as well.  All the games, centers and activities in this pack were designed and aligned for 3rd and 4th graders. It includes many of my favorite games to use in small group instruction as well as whole group and centers. You can click on either picture below to check it out on TPT. 

Speaking of math fact fluency…I have been using the free SmartBoard game templates from UNC Wilmington with my math groups (and literacy groups!) this past week. Sunken Treasure and Align the Stars are their favorite.  I usually have each student get a whiteboard and I display some type of question or problem on the large whiteboard.  My students solve it on their whiteboard and show it to me.  If they are correct they can "move" on the game we are playing.  If they are not correct I spend a few minutes re-teaching and then we play again. You can click on the picture below to check them out for FREE.  Many of the templates can be used with any set of questions/topics. 


  1. Have you tried I love it!

  2. My kids LOVE Timez Attack...and the basic package is free!!!!

  3. I feel your math fact frustration! My 2nd graders are struggling to get fluent with their facts. I just downloaded your Write Way Math packets. Hopefully those will help! Practice, practice, practice! :) Also, my class LOOOOOOVES your math mover games! And so do i! :)

    The Sharpened Pencil