Name that Operation!

This past week my 4th graders took their 2nd nine weeks math benchmark and it was a doozy.  Word problems dominated the assessment and after reviewing their scores it became clear that we need to hit word problems and bump up that rigor!  I noticed that many of my kiddos were hung up on where to even begin or how to identify which operation to start with.  So, I put together a set of 24 word problems with 4th grade in mind.  The problems in this pack cover all four mathematical operations and most involve more than one step (those big, bad multi-step problems!).  Click on either image below to check it out on TPT!

It's not a huge pack but I plan on breaking down these problems one at a time and helping my kiddos fully understand how to determine which operation is needed to solve them correctly.  I included possible ways to use them in a whole group, small group or independent center setting.  It's safe to say that we will begin each 4th grade math pull-out group with one of these problems this week!  

Any 4th grade teachers out there?  Leave a comment and I'll pick one person to win a FREE copy of this pack!  

Looking for a last minute Valentine's for your kiddos??  I LOVE this freebie from The Teacher Wife and my kiddos last year did too!  

We also had so much fun playing Don't Eat Pete for Halloween, I know my 2nd graders will love the Valentine's version as a special Valentine's Day treat!
Hope you have a fun week full of Valentine's Day love!!


  1. Looks like a fantastic resource.

  2. What a great resource Deana! Word problems are always tricky, especially if the student's reading and reading comprehension are below grade level. Definitely hard for my resource kiddos to understand!

  3. Awesome resource, as always! I teach 2nd but the majority of my kiddos are learning on 4th-5th grade level-woo!! I would LOVE this pack to use with them!

  4. This looks great! My students really struggle with multi-step word problems. This resource would definitely help them.

  5. Ah... Word problems! We focus a lot on word problems that promote high-order thinking skills. Would love to add this to my math resources!

  6. Whoops--forgot to leave my email!

  7. I'd love to win this to give to my daughter who teaches 4th grade....if that is allowed!
    Thanks, Patty