Happy Sunday friends!  First things first...we have a winner for The Ultimate Teacher Poster pack.  Congratulations Christina A.!  An e-mail should be waiting for you!  Thank you to everyone who entered! 

In case you missed it over the summer, I have a new teaching position this year.  I am a Title I teacher serving 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades in both ELA and Math.  We are just getting started and it is proving difficult to plan for all three grade levels in two subjects!  So, I have been trying to focus on what I need the most to get started and that seems to be 4th grade math.  The 4th graders at my school are working on the geometry standards to start their year so I put together a HUGE pack of games and activities to use with my 4th graders, Geometry ROCKS! You can check it by clicking on either of the pictures below.

I also made some major updates to my Henry and Mudge packet that I had been working on over the summer for my 2nd graders.  I tried to update some of my earlier packets over the summer and sadly I didn't get to them all.  My 2nd grade teachers are reading Henry and Mudge next week so I FINALLY got this one updated and plan on using parts of it with my 2nd graders! We read several Henry and Mudge books but our "main" story is Henry and Mudge and the Starry Night so it has a camping theme.  

I also have to admit that I did some serious shopping from some FABULOUS TPT authors to also help me out this year. I am planning on using journals for all grade levels in hopes that they will be more likely to carry over what we do in my classroom with their own, so I was on the hunt for interactive journal activities and reading passages.  These ladies have amazing things in their stores, and if you're looking for anything 2nd-4th I highly recommend checking out these stores!

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