Ingenious Inferences

Happy Saturday!  It is starting to feel more like fall in NC this morning!  I hope you're enjoying a bit of cooler weather wherever you are.  As you know I have been a busy bee planning for my two new grade levels this year (3rd and 4th grade).  I have been meeting with the 3rd and 4th grade teachers to get an idea of what they're working on now so I know what to review with my small group kiddos.  One of the topics they are having trouble with is making inferences, which I have found to be quite difficult, especially for struggling readers.  So, for the past few weeks I have been putting together Ingenious Inferences!  It has 5 fiction and 5 non-fiction passages to practice making inferences. 

 For each passage I included a large display card, small passage (great for gluing into journals), targeted vocabulary words with definitions, mini-vocabulary charts, student passages with inference questions, student passages with vocabulary questions and answer keys!  Whew!  It was quite a doozy to put together since it was a ton of writing but I think it will truly be beneficial for my kiddos. 

Here are some previews!

I have been trying to round up shorter passages such as these for my small groups since I only get to meet with them for 30 minutes a day.  I want the text to be challenging but not overwhelming. I have plans to continue this pack into a sort of series.  Next up in my unfinished folder is Superb Summaries, which will be designed in the same manner with passages, vocabulary words and student practice pages!  

One more thing before I go...I have a BIG announcement to make tomorrow so make sure to stop by and find out!