The Back to School Sale is here!

The sale has begun! Don't miss out on these great back-to-school packs that I plan on using with my kiddos in just one short week! 



Plus there are even more fantastic resources from fellow teachers that I can't wait to grab up!

Don't forget to add the code BTS13 when you check out to get an additional discount!


  1. Hey,

    Are you still making a B2S PAck for the Recess Queen?

    1. It's in my "unfinished" folder but sadly I don't think I will get to it soon. So many other things got in the way and it was pushed down the list, I'm sorry Mrs. Giles! But it is still in there to be finished at some point!

  2. Your School Sleuth is in my cart! ;) Still stockin' up before I make the big purchase! hehe

    Ginger Snaps