Stay Tuned...

Sadly I don't have pictures of my classroom for you today since I haven't been to school yet! This is kind of shocking since usually I have been in and at least moved furniture around by now but our family vacation was pushed back a little due to summer school so, tomorrow I plan on moving around some furniture!  Instead I just have a little sneak peek for you...more to come tomorrow!

I know my blog is "Primary" Punch but, I missed telling you all about this fun pack for 5th graders!

I put it together for part of a graduate school project and then added a little more to make it more functional in the classroom!   If you know of any 4th or 5th grade teachers that are working on figurative language this pack would be very helpful!

And if you own my Word Study pack, I gave it a little update this past week so be sure to go to your purchases and get the new version.  I added some new circular grouping tags and updated posters (the original posters are still included if you liked those better).


  1. Good luck setting up your classroom. When do you start school?

    Sprinkled in Second

    1. Kristen, teachers have to go back on the 19th for a week of professional development/working in the classroom/open house and the kiddos come on the 26th!