Let's Talk About Me! {Teacher Week '13}

It's teacher week over on Blog Hoppin'!  I am going to TRY to link up each day but we have a FULL day tomorrow and I'm not allowed in my classroom yet so we'll see how this goes!  Today is all about the teacher and I have no problem talking about ME!!  : )

1. I am married to an amazing husband who also happens to be a 4th grade teacher! His name is Mark and we live in North Carolina!

2. My husband and I started a four year journey to get our masters in speech-language pathology and we're on the last year!  It makes me very sad to think that I will have to transition from teaching to speech next year but I'me excited to see where it takes us. 

3. I LOVE to read and embarrassing as it is my favorite genre is Teen Lit./Young Adult.  I cannot wait for the Divergent movies to come out and I MAY have hit up a few midnight book releases for Twilight and Harry Potter back in the day.

4. Hubby and I are BIG TV watchers.  I would be lost without my DVR.  Our favorites are The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, Mad Men, Amish Mafia, Swamp People, Alaska State Troopers, Scandal, and Shark Tank!

5. I LOVE to shop and it kills me that we live in a town with a not-so-good mall.  There's just something magical about a nice mall, *sigh*.  I have a serious purse buying problem but I hate buying shoes.  Weird I know, my favorite places to shop are at the outlet malls, which aren't too far away (the coach and jCrew outlets are my favorite!). 

6.  Football season is one of my FAVORITE times of the year! I grew up outside Washington, D.C. so I gotta root for my Redkins but hubby and I watch more college football now a days and we LOVE our Buckeyes!! O-H....
7. My best friend in the world teaches right next door to me!  We have adjoining rooms because our principal is awesome and lets us work together!  In fact the whole 2nd grade team is pretty awesome and I am really going to miss them this year since I will be a Title I teacher, although I do get to work with 2nd and 3rd graders so I will still get to see them.  (side note #1:  you may notice my hair go from blonde to brown to blonde again...I am very indecisive about my hair color).

8. My BFF also happens to have some pretty great kids, which you may have seen in many of my pictures.  This one was in my class last year.  Hubby and I love this family and spend lots of time with them!

9. I LOVE decorating and home improvement.  My husband does not.  I watch wayyy too much HGTV much to his dismay because it usually means I have another project I want him/us to tackle! I took this picture after we redecorated our guest room, I was trying to get a picture of our new mirror but didn't do a very good job! (side note #2: my hair is naturally really wavy like in this picture and I HATE it, I usually straighten is every morning which is about a 30 minute job).

10.  I am a sucker for organization and Pinterest usually fuels this fire!  Between my life planner and my color coded bookshelves I may have a small organization problem. 


  1. I have an organization problem also :) haha! Love your blog :)

    Primary Buzz

  2. Omigosh I can't wait for the Divergent movie! I'll go see it by myself if I have to!

    Rowdy in First Grade

  3. I love how you and your husband were able to work on your masters together! I am in my final year of a school counseling masters program. Excited, yet nervous, to be leaving the classroom in the next year or two! Loved reading more about you :)

    EduKate and Inspire

  4. I adore YA too! When I was pregnant with my second son, I swear I read 50 YA books. I still have the list somewhere...I'd love to know what you read. Carolyn Mackler is one of my favorites. One of my former students' mom is a YA author. What a dream job...

    Congrats on going into speech! There's such a demand for STs here in Chicago. Not so much in the school system, but early intervention and autism clinics are starved for them. My oldest sons has pretty severe autism, so we've been navigating that for a few years. I wish I already didn't have a master's, because I would love to go back for ST or OT!

    Let me know about those YA reads!
    The Classroom Creative

  5. Congratulations about your Masters! I know the feeling about almost being done! I can also relate to the organization! It's a little crazy at times. Love your blog!


    Once Upon a Classroom: The Tale of Two Teachers