Updated Math Movers!

Some of my earlier packets need a little love this summer and I want to make sure everyone who has already purchased them knows to go back and download the updated pack for FREE through your purchases on TPT.  I try to click "update buyers" whenever I make corrections or update but I know those notifications may not always be seen. With that said, I have three more updates this evening!  I updated fonts, clip art and added answer keys to three Math Mover games, aligned to the 2nd grade CCSS. 

If you haven't heard of my Math Movers activities before, they are whole group math games/activities that are completed with a buddy.  Players complete 15 math questions with a buddy by moving around the room and I encourage math talks to solve the problems.  Each pair gets about 2-3 minutes per questions and then we go over them as a group when we're finished. Usually we don't go over the whole 15 in a row, but I chunk it over a few days. They are also really nice to complete when I have a substitute (we review when I return) or when we need to review some math skills before testing.  

 You can click on the pictures to check them out or if you already own then to download the new packet!

I still have a few more Math Movers to finish updating, hopefully by tomorrow night!


  1. These are ALL on my wish list! The spring set and end of the year set were a big hit in my classroom!

  2. Looks like you've been busy. Your packs look great!
    Kids Math Teacher