more math vocabulary...

Are you tired of vocabulary cards yet?  I am really trying to get a set together for each grade (K-2) and possibly 3rd for math, science and social studies. I have posted the science sets for K-2 and now math is complete as well!  In my classroom I am all about thoroughly teaching and displaying vocabulary words in each subject.  I have word walls and bulletin boards for math, science and ELA. I would have one for S.S. too but we departmentalize science and social studies.  I only teach science so I only have a science word wall. I also use the word cards for journals too. Sometimes I feel that learning the vocabulary is half the battle! 

Here are the pictures and links for the 1st and Kindergarten math vocabulary cards! Most have pictures, a few have definitions because the concept is difficult to explain with a picture. There are also a few cards that overlap in each grade (ex. ones, tens, etc.). Please note that these cards are not meant to sufficiently teach the concept, they are intended to facilitate instruction and help retention.  The picture or definition alone may not be enough to adequately teach the concept but they are a great way to help trigger retention when displayed and used on a consistent basis. You can click on the pictures below to check them out on TPT!