Odds and Ends

This week in class we have been doing all sorts of odds and ends.  We're still reviewing time, getting ready to pump up our upper grade buddy class for the EOG, adding more to our body cut-outs and finishing up our mClass testing!  We are also dissecting owl pellets!!  These have been a HUGE hit in my classroom.  We rotate classes for science and social studies so each day I have been dissecting with a new class.  So far none of my 2nd graders have been grossed out but they have been very intrigued!!  
Here are a few pictures!  (and yes, the googles were TOTALLY necessary!)

Today's the last day of the TPT Teacher Appreciation Sale!  My store is 20% off, make sure you head over before it's over!  

Here are a few of the things I have bought during the sale!
Second Story Window's 2nd Grade Common Core Homework Add-On Pack!  I have been using this homework all year and I'm almost out!  I'm so glad we can finish the year with their fabulous homework!

We need a little fun during the last few days so I snagged Abby's Busy Bodies pack!  We are going to do the bubble activity for Fun Friday this week!
I also grabbed some new frames from the Enlightened Elephant for a few new products I have in the works : )

I'm linking up with Blog Hoppin' and lots of other teachers to share my sale purchases!  


  1. You are making me smile...long ago my sister was making a list before a swim meet and put "googles" on it. To this day, our entire family calls goggles googles! (And that was years before the internet...we could be rich if we trademarked it!)

  2. My kiddos loved the pellets- we did one virtually and over 20 in our classroom! Smiles and stop by anytime!!

  3. I love 2nd story window's pack also

  4. Owl pellet dissections are always so much fun! I'll have to check out the balloons, bubbles, and bubblegum. You sound like a fun teacher. Thanks for sharing with your newest follower, Heather