Five for Friday!

Before we get into Five for Friday, the winner of the Money! pack is Tania!  She guessed Modern Family which is my favorite TV show (with Ellen in a close second)!  Congratulations Tania, an e-mail is coming your way!

Well it's Friday and I think I'm getting sick : (  It's been awhile since I've gotten a cold but I think it finally hit me.  Despite my sniffles this week was another great one full of fun and learning! Here are a few pictures from my week!

I considered taking these beautiful hydrangeas home with me last weekend but then I remembered that I tend to kill everything that grows in the ground so I just took a picture instead. 

We met up with our 5th grade buddy class to give them some goodies as they prepare for the EOG (end of grade test)!  The cookie idea and labels are from The Teacher Wife!

We played some Time Bingo from my Telling Time pack, we are taking a break from Time next week and are starting to learn about Money!

For Fun Friday today we made Balloon People from Abby's Busy Bodies pack!  My kids thought they were super cute!

I had an amazing Teacher Appreciation Week, my sweet kiddos brought in presents and wrote all kinds of sweet notes!  These flowers were just one of the awesome gifts I got this week. 

Well, that's a peek at last week.  I hope you all feel very appreciated this week and have a restful weekend!


  1. Your balloon people are hilarious! I'm sure the kid shad a blast making those! Happy Friday!

    Lucky to Be in First

  2. Your cookies are super cute! Love them and I couldn't help but to laugh at the balloon people my firsties would love making them!! I am glad your had a good teacher appreciation week!

    Learning to the Core

  3. Love the balloon people! Happy Teacher Appreciation Week :)
    Fun in Room 4B

  4. Your flowers are gorgeous!!!! Looks like you had a great week! Heading over to check out your Telling Time unit! We're working' on that right now! :)

    Soaring Through Second

  5. Haha I love the balloon people!! I hope you feel better. I had a stomach bug last week and it just doesn't seem fair to be sick in the spring!


    The Eager Teacher
    Miss Eager

  6. I love Hydrangeas too! I received some for Teacher Appreciation and I hope that I can keep them alive!!

    Surfin' Through Second

  7. You could read the book called Balloon Farm to go along with your balloon people. It's an interesting book, and a few years ago Disney aired a movie about it. Hope your weekend is good and germ free!

  8. So glad to discover you through Doodle Bugs. I'm now a blog follower and a tpt follower. I love hydrangeas. Your telling time packet is fab. I love your MTH set, too. We should have a giveaway sometime using that and my MTH book bundle for books 1-7! :)
    Just Reed!

  9. Have you seen that beautiful art project on Pinterest for hydrangeas? Make bubble paint in several shades of purple. Let the kids lay their papers on top after blowing a mountain of bubbles. Once the bubbles pop, lift off. Add leaves when dry. they are stunning!

  10. I am right there with you on the hydrangeas! I love them, but I do not have a green thumb!I'll have to check out your time bingo.

    Enjoy your weekend!
    Suntans and Lesson Plans