Five for Friday!

I know it's not Friday...but I tried so hard to take pictures this week to link up that I didn't want to miss it!  I was just too dang tired yesterday, I literally fell asleep with my Ipad on my face around 9:30 last night (I was trying to watch the SNL with Melissa McCarthy, I missed it and hear it was hilarious!)  It has just been a busy week!!  Here's my five for Friday!

1. The BEACH!  Hubby and I spent some time in Myrtle Beach last weekend to celebrate our one year anniversary!  We love going to Myrtle Beach and usually visit 3-4 times a year since we only live about 2 hours away.  It was sunny but don't let that fool you, it was one cold weekend.  As you can see no one is in the water, the temps were in the 60's the last day and we did see a few people get in. Thankfully the weather is up in the 80's this week!

2. We went to all our favorite restaurants while we were in Myrtle and this one is a diamond in the rough.  It's called Hamburger Joe's and if you're ever in Myrtle Beach, I highly recommend visiting it!  It's not a fancy restaurant but the hamburgers are excellent and the whole restaurant is wallpapered in dollar bills!

3. Our actual anniversary was on April 11th and since we had celebrated at the beach we just went out to eat at our favorite little Mexican restaurant in town.  I always order chicken fingers...from the kids menu.  But in my defense their chicken fingers are really good!

4. In school this week we have been tackling research and informative writing.  Pulling out my collection of mini-pages is always fun!

 5. For Fun Friday we made these cute flowers which I saw HERE.  Since have been learning all about Plants in Science, this went really well!  My kids used bottle glue to glue their petals to a strip of green, yellow or brown paper and once they dried I curled them and stapled them into the flower shape.

Yay!  I'm so glad I linked up this week!  Hopefully I'll be back at it again next week (maybe on time!)  Happy Weekend!


  1. Happy Anniversary! I tend to eat off the kids menu a lot too!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  2. Oh my goodness! That beach just looks fantastic right now!!!! C'mon summer time!! :)
    Mrs. Richardson's Class