Here's a peek at a few of the things in store for my kiddos tomorrow!  Happy 109th Dr. Seuss!

I also just posted another request from the Social Studies teachers!  Geography {Vocabulary and Games for 2nd Graders has Geography Bingo and Geography Jeopardy to make learning abut geography terms fun!  Click on the pictures to check it out.

Leave a comment with your e-mail for a chance to win it!

Landforms Winner!

Sorry for not posting last night, I was super tired from traipsing all around the world : )  Asia was a HIT, pictures are coming tomorrow! The winner of the Landforms pack is Suzy Q!  An e-mail is coming your way! If you're bummed because you didn't win, cheer up!  I made a fun freebie since I'm in LOVE with this clip art and felt that it was just too cute not to share! Click on the picture to get it for FREE from TPT. 

AND the full Landforms {Centers, Games and Activities} pack is on sale today and tomorrow for $4.60 if you want more!   I hope everyone had a great Wednesday, if your day was less than wonderful and you need a laugh you have to head over to The Teacher Wife, she has a pretty cute video on her blog today that will cheer you up too! 

Landforms and a Dragon

Multicultural night is tomorrow night and 2nd grade is all about Asia!  We put up all kinds of art, which I will take lots of pictures of tomorrow night but I wanted to share our masterpiece. I put it together this morning after we worked on the pieces last week. The original idea for our huge dragon came from HERE.  I drew him based on that picture. 

Here's the BEFORE:

And here's the AFTER:

He came out beautifully and the kids were so proud of their work.  All the 2nd graders made the scales : )  I also pulled out some Dr. Seuss things today to prepare for Read Across America Day on Friday. We will also be watching/reading/listening to many Dr. Seuss books on the iPad throughout the week. The pile of Dr. Seuss silly bands and stickers were Target dollar spot finds this summer. I'm impressed with myself that I kept them and remembered where I put them : )

This weekend I worked on some things for the Social Studies 2nd grade teachers.  We split our teaching and 3 of us teach science and 3 teach social studies.  Since I teach science, I don't do much with social studies but they asked for some games and I found the cutest clipart!  I am pretty excited about this pack and it makes me wish I taught Social Studies!

Are ya'll sick of commenting for a chance to win packs for FREE?  If you are, please let me know and we can do something else but I love reading all your comments and giving things away for FREE, especially packs like this that I am super excited about.  If you still want to, you can comment (along with your e-mail address) and I'll pick a winner tomorrow night after we travel around the world!

What's new this week?

UPDATE: The winner of the giveaway was Amy from Little Miss Organized!  An e-mail is coming your way!  Thanks again to all that commented : )

This week in class we began recording our Tell Me a Tale projects and I have to say they are adorable!  I will post some pictures next week of their illustrations because those are pretty awesome too.  We begin presenting on Monday with one recording a day. I think this may be turning into one of my favorite projects of the year and that's saying a lot because I love the Flat Stanley 2.0 project!  I think I like their recordings so much I may just have to turn them into a CD! I have been recording them using HD Audio Recorder on my iPad. Here's a link to the Tell Me a Tale project if you're interested in it!

Besides this I have been busy working on some 4th grade things.  I swear I'm not changing grade levels or anything, I've just have several requests from my sweet husband's teammates this past week and I have finally gotten them finished up!  

I managed to sneak in some Spring 2nd grade math games and activities too! I am wayyy ahead in terms of centers for my 2nd graders so we won't be using this until the end of March but just in case you are in need of some math things, you can click on the picture to check it out.  

Whew, I've had a busy week creating!  Leave a comment below telling me which new pack you'd love to have for your classroom and I'll pick on one winner by tomorrow night to receive a FREE copy! We are also gearing up for Read Across America Day on Friday with lots of Dr. Seuss and multicultural night on Tuesday (2nd grade is all about Asia)!  Stay tuned for lots of pictures this week!

Context Clues and a winner!

Congratulations Mrs. Phillips!  You are the winner of an item of your choice!  Please e-mail me at and let me know what you'd like!  Thanks to everyone who entered!
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 I want to share my new mini-unit that I made by request, Context Clues! It is aligned to the 4th grade CCSS but would be appropriate for 3rd-5th. I know this is not typically my age range but just wanted to pass it along!

The Leprechaun Project

Looking for a fun how-to project for March?  I just updated and reduced the price to $2.50 on my Leprechaun Project!  If you already own it, be sure to go back and download the updated pack! When I taught 1st grade, my firsties LOVED this project!  

Also, don't forget to enter to win an item of your choice from my TPT store!  You have a few hours left if you haven't entered yet!

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Tales from Around the World: Part Two!

Just posted another two weeks of international folktale materials, Tales from Around the World: Part Two!  Click on the images to check it out and read the full list of contents!

If you're interested in a FREE copy, leave a comment and your e-mail address.  I will pick one lucky winner by tomorrow night!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Here's just a snapshot of my day, glow stick valentine's for my kiddos, my valentine heart is full (I will be a candy coma for the next few hours) and beautiful flowers from my hubby!  I hope everyone's day was filled with love!
*Glow Valentine's Source: The Teacher Wife*

Flat Stanley

Well, I feel like I did a whole lotta nothing today.  I don't know if I mentioned it before but I have a fantastic student teacher this semester (which is why I have been able to get so much done lately) and he has taken over everything but literacy which means I do a lot of sitting in the afternoons.  I know he needs to learn how to do it on his own but it is hard not to want to help, I feel so lazy just watching!  Anyways, we presented our Flat Stanley 2.0 projects last week.  Here's a few pictures of what my amazing kiddos came up with!! (Sorry the pictures are kind of dark, my hallway has the worst lighting!)

And here are some close ups of the travelers...
Visiting the Sahara Desert during a sand storm.

A Buckingham palace guard, not smiling : )

A tourist in the African Safari.

Attending a luau in Hawaii.

Dressed up in jewels from the Pyramids in Egypt.

A mountain man in the Himalayan Mountains.

My kiddos did a great job on this project.  I really enjoy it every year and they did too.  We learned so much about different place in the world which is a good start for our upcoming multicultural unit!  We are hitting the global awareness hard! 

Tales from Around the World: Part One

Two posts in one day is breaking the "blogging rules" but I am too excited to share my newest ELA unit, Tales from Around the World: Part One! This is the first unit in a three part series and I will be using it with my Tell Me a Tale project pack. After this week my kiddos will be traveling around the world! Click on the picture to check it out and a list of contents!

Leave a comment with your e-mail address and I'll pick a winner to receive a FREE copy tomorrow night!

Tell Me a Tale!

UPDATE: The winner of the Tell Me a Tale packet was Across the Hall in 2nd Grade! An e-mail is coming your way!!

On the heels of the Flat Stanley Project 2.0, the 2nd grade is gearing up for 6 weeks of multicultural tales.  Our next ELA theme is Hand Me Down Tales from Around the World.  We had a long meeting a few days ago to begin planning.  We have already bought our "main books" that we will focus on each week (A new ELA unit will be coming soon with materials for each week!) and we came up with a fun speaking and listening project.  We are required to have either an in-class or take home project for each unit.  The project for the next unit will be Tell Me a Tale!  It has 20 international folktales (re-written in kid friendly terms by ME).  How it works is, you assign each student a folktale.  They have to practice reading it and some are a little tricky with the cultural terms or language.  Then I will audio record each student reading their folktale (this hits CCSS SL 2.5 or SL 3.5). They also have to create a detailed illustration of their folktale.  We will present one audio recording per day for 16 days (since we only have 16 students).  The students will also present their illustration and I have a few ideas on how I want to display them, more on that to come.  If you are trying to incorporate more global awareness, cultural tales or audio recordings into your classroom this project will be super fun!  You can click on the image below for a list of the folktales included in the pack.

As always leave a comment (with your e-mail address) and I will pick one lucky winner by tomorrow night to receive a FREE copy!

My Favorite 2nd Grade Things!

The winner of the Clovers, Coins and Common Core pack is Julia!  Congratulations, an e-mail is coming your way!

I received an e-mail today, well actually my principal received an e-mail today asking for my grade level to share the resources we have found to help with the CCSS transition and as I e-mailed back a list I thought maybe other 2nd grade teachers would be interested as well.  This is a short list of my very favorite things that I have purchased this year through TPT for 2nd grade.  They are all awesome and have helped us tremendously!  We bought multiple licenses for our grade level so we could all use them and be on the same page. 

The first are from Second Story Window, I seriously LOVE all these resources.  I used to create my own homework each week and this is better than anything I could come up with.  I send home 4 ELA and 4 Math mini sheets per week plus a Fluency passage.  Homework goes home Friday and is due the following Friday (I also send home a Words Their Way spelling list and activities). It's SO easy and the best part is all I have to do is copy them each week and staple my directions page to the top! I also use the fluency homework during small group.  I didn't start using these into a few months into the year so I had some early ones to catch up on. I also love that since we use the morning work book in class my kids are well practiced in answering the types of questions that are also on the homework sheets. 

The next resources come from Denise at Sunny Days in Second Grade.  Our county has been all about "formative assessment" this year and my head was spinning as to how I was supposed to make formative assessments to keep up with all the standards when most of my time was spent preparing materials for lessons!  Well, then I found these.  They have assessments for EVERY 2nd grade CCSS.  There is a Math pack and an ELA pack.  They are great for end of the week assessments too.  They come with answer keys and a great checklist to keep up with each student's progress. 

While I have bought MANY amazing things from TPT, I have to say that these are worth their weight in gold mostly because I use them ALL the time.  They have saved me so much time and have truly helped in understanding the standards.

In addition to this we also use many of the resources I have created, especially the Math Problem of the Day packs (a 4th nine weeks pack will be coming!).  I start each math lesson with one of these problems, sometimes to introduce a topic, other times to check for understanding or to review. 
I am also just now getting into themed centers since we no longer have to us a basal reading series and my kids are all about it.  When I introduce new themed centers they go crazy and want to start "playing" them right away. You can check out all my ELA Units if you click on the ELA tab at the top of the blog. 

We also have been working very hard on improving our mClass scores from the beginning of the year to the end of the year. Since we hear that these may be used to determine our growth in the next year or so, we want to make sure our kiddos are making as much growth as possible. I use these short answer sheets in small group and whole group during literacy block.  They are super easy to differentiate for my kiddos too.

This year has been quite an adjustment for the 2nd grade team and myself.  We went from using a basal reading series (Houghton Mifflin) religiously to now we have a brand new curriculum, new assessment methods and are free to choose our books we read each week (we use an exemplar list but we still get quite a bit to choose from).  If you are struggling with transitioning to the CCSS, please check out some of these great resources.  They have been very helpful for me this year!