Problem of the Day and a FREEBIE!

It is FINALLY finished!!  I am so glad these problems are done, I have been staring at them unfinished on my desktop for a LONG time and I have had many ask about them so here they are!  In the 3rd nine weeks, we work on a lot of the Numbers in Base Ten standards.  This is the biggest problem of the day packet yet with 45 problems!  I use these problems to start off each math lesson, I have also used them for morning work before I bought this awesome resource.  Click on the picture to grab them off TPT.

While I was taking apart the standards for the problem of the day pack a fun math card game came to me that I just had to whip up.  Ten More War is FREE on TPT, just click on the picture to download!


  1. Love the ten more war! My third graders can still use practice on this skill in small group. I pinned and downloaded!
    Kickin' It With Class

  2. I have been searching all over for the Ten More War it still available? I cannot find it in your TPT store. Thanks!