Let's Take a Trip!

Next week in ELA we are all about Flat Stanley!  This is one of my favorite weeks!  We will hand out assignments for the Flat Stanley Project 2.0, do some great research and play games/centers with a traveling or post office theme!  I just put the finishing touches on next week's center packet called Let's Take a Trip!  It also includes the updated Flat Stanley 2.0 project which is no longer available separately.  This project is a different twist on the original project (If you already purchased this product, please note that it is also included in the Let's Take a Trip packet).  I created the 2.0 project for my class a few years ago when I looped from 1st to 2nd.  I still wanted to do a Flat Stanley project because they loved it so much, but didn't want to do the same one again. The project is a GREAT way to hit speaking and listening standards, research writing standards and social studies standards all at once! If you are unfamiliar with the original Flat Stanley Project or want some cool FREE resources, FlatStanley.com has some great ones. Click on one of the pictures below to check out the newest set of ELA games, activities and centers!

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  1. Flat Stanley is the absolute best and the packet looks wonderful. It's already on my Wishlist :) Thank you!

    The Brown Bag Teacher