Science Bingo!

It is snowing outside and it's Christmas Eve!!  I am sitting by a warm fire watching Christmas movies and working on some bingo games!  Well actually, I just finished some bingo games. Many of you have enjoyed the Matter Bingo game but now you can grab Sound Bingo, Weather Bingo and Animal Bingo to go with it!  These games were created for 2nd graders and I used our essential standards to create the questions for each topic.  Click on each picture below to check them out on TPT and to see exactly what areas are included!

Of if you'd like to save some money and want to grab all four games you can save $2.00 by grabbing the Science Bingo Bundle Pack!  All four games in one!

Even though it's Christmas Eve and I'm sure not many are checking the teacher blogs, I will give away a free copy of the Science Bingo Bundle Pack to the first person to comment (and leave your e-mail).  

Winter break has begun!

Today was exhausting and the longest 5 hours ever but so much fun!  We had our class party and we are now officially on break!  I MAY have planned just a few too many things to do during our class party but my kids had a blast.  I was very lucky to have one of my student's parents volunteer during the party too, I still can't believe how we did it all. 

 Here's a short list of our hour and half par-tay...

1. Class Book Exchange: Dirty Santa style, with stealing and all.  Each student brought in a new, wrapped book to participate, as you see in the picture above.
2. Reindeer Games: which I found here, they were a huge hit!
3. Make-Your-Own-Snowglobes: this was the first year I have ever done this, and they turned out great.  I was nervous about the glass but my kids thought they were awesome and none of them broke! I used water, a tablespoon of glycerin, white glitter, small snowy trees and half pint mason jars.
4. Christmas Snack: a TON of cookies and juice and a few marshmallows left over from the Reindeer games.
5. Stocking Stuffers: We handed out our full Stockings from TGIF and they eagerly read all their sweet notes.
6. Presents: I opened presents, they opened presents, we oohed and ahhed.  It was a good time.

One of my kiddos made me an ornament which I promptly hung on our mini tree.  The tag was my favorite part.

It was my best class holiday party yet. I have to say the snow globes were definitely my favorite. They were just adorable. 

I also have share what I would classify as an EPIC FAIL.  I found this adorable New Year's writing craft from The Lesson Plan Diva, isn't is cute??

Well, we made them yesterday so we could write them after break. I used blue instead of red since I had blue ribbon. you may notice in the picture ALL THE GLITTER FELL OFF!  It took forever to glitter the numbers and my kids either rubbed it off, or it just plain fell off.  So, I have stacked them in my tub for after break and I am now brainstorming ways to fix this craft disaster : (  

I am now off to spend one of my new gift cards on my first winter vacation dinner!!  Happy holiday break everyone!

The Adventures of Frog and Toad

Hello friends!  I have spent my Saturday trying to decide what I'm going to teach when we come back from winter break.  I know, I know I still have a week before then but I want to print and laminate my centers before I leave is my new ELA unit, The Adventures of Frog and Toad!  This may seem more like a spring unit but we have to follow the curriculum maps our county created and "Building Bridges with Unlikely Friends" is our theme now and after break.  This is also why we read about George and Martha last week.  So...we will be reading all about these funny amphibians when we return from break and this pack contains centers, games and activities to use during that week. If you have bought or downloaded any of my other ELA centers, you will notice it contains some of my favorites like Vocabulary Show and Tell, Poetry Center and the One Minute Read.  But it also has a couple cute bug themed games to practice long/short vowels and contractions! Click on the picture to check it out on TPT.

And the first person to comment (and leave their e-mail address) will get this new unit for FREE!!

On a much sadder note, teacher bloggers are joining together for a day of silence to honor Sandy Hook Elementary tomorrow. If you are a teacher blogger and would like to participate you can grab the image below and read about it on the Oh' Boy 4th Grade blog.

What I've been up to....

And the winner of day #12 is...

Congratulations!!  I will be e-mailing you tonight (probably more than one, due to each packet's size)!  I have really enjoyed having 12 days of giveaways but I am glad to have the blog back!!  Not being able to share my new things with you all was hard!  Hopefully you have been keeping up on the Primary Punch facebook page.  If not, here's a few things I created during the giveaways!

We have been using these centers this week in ELA and will use the Math centers next week! I have to say my kids have become "center snobs", if it doesn't have cards, fun clip art or a game involved they aren't interested. I think this my fault : ( but these are just so dang cute, I can't help it!

We played this game while I was out of town Tuesday and Wednesday, my kids always love Math Movers.  We went over the problems today during math. Speaking of being out of town, the Mr. and I went to visit my parents and he went with my dad to visit the White House!!  I went last year, so this was his year to go and he does look pretty handsome if I do say so myself!

I also put together this fun, matter bingo game to review some of the skills we learned this nine weeks.
We rotate for science and S.S., I only teach science and each of us came up with a review for our subject area since this week and next week are crazy (the 2nd graders put on a Christmas play and we have been busy practicing for that) we aren't rotating.  This was my review and we played it this afternoon.  

Before all the Christmas fun we had a "hippo" week which was all about George and Martha!  It was a hit!!  They loved it and these centers.

I also had a guest post on the Sunny Days in Second Grade blog, can you believe it???  I decided to start blogging thanks to the Sunny Days and can't believe I got to post over there!  I gave away a game from the Christmas Cookie Common Core pack for FREE.  You can get it by clicking on the image below!
Whew,  I have been busy these past 12 days!!  Now I'm off to work on a Frog and Toad unit for after Christmas break!