Math Problem of the Day

I have been having a tough time adjusting to our new math sequence that my district has given us.  We are teaching things now that I didn't teach until later and then there are things later that we don't teach now.  It's all very confusing and I am trusting that they knew what they were doing when they put our standards together : )  I decided I need to step up my math block and one way was to begin each day with a problem of the day.  I know this isn't a ground-breaking new idea but I also didn't have the materials to carry out a problem of the day for the standards we have to teach now.  So, I made myself a packet of 25 questions to use now until the end of the 1st nine weeks and to help keep me organized.  I plan on going through the questions in order (since that is the order of our districts sequence).  If you are having the same problem, check out my new problem of the day pack for $3.00 on TPT.  Even if you have a different sequence than us, each card is labeled with the standard so you can skip around if you need to!
Thanks to all who have visited the Happy Fall Ya'll Sale, it ends today so head over to grab some great resources! And just for fun... First person to comment on this post (and leaves their e-mail) gets the new Problem of the Day packet for FREE 



  1. Wow! Would love a copy!

  2. Wow! It looks great. I am sure it will really help the kids. Good luck :)


  3. Good idea! I'm feeling a little upside down and backwards with math this year too. It's crazy!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade