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Recently I had the opportunity to share some resources with the awesome teachers at my school during one of our professional development days.  I presented all the Common Core ELA resources I knew of, where to find them and how to use them during literacy block.  We are not currently using a basal reading series so we are pulling all of our resources to teach ELA each week from all over the place.  This can be quite exhausting, especially if we don't really know where to look.  

So, I compiled a presentation of where to find some good common core resources to help plan literacy block.  We are also using Words Their Way (WTW) and I briefly went over this topic as well.  I debated about posting the presentation since I did a lot of talking and this isn't conveyed well through slides but I tried to write as much information as I could since I ultimately decided that other teachers may want a big ol' list of resources as well. Here's what the presentation touches on:
-Using Words Their Way (getting started, management and routines)
-Centers and Station Ideas
-Scholastic Book Clubs and why EVERY teacher should join!
-Student Resources
-Lesson Planning Links
-A small list of Teacher Blogs (sorry if I didn't include you, but I tried to keep it to a minimum)

This presentation is FREE and you can access it by clicking on the image below, I have also include bits and pieces of some packets I sell on TPT (so followers of the blog will benefit and you can access these parts for FREE!). I listed the items I mention and a link below if you would like to purchase the whole packet.  Please let me know if this presentation is helpful to you, and feel free to share the ideas/resources with other teachers at your school!

Full Primary Punch Resources:


  1. These are really great resources:) I will be checking our quite a few. Mahalo!

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