Math Journals, Weather and Fun Friday!

I have been a little sporadic in taking pictures this year, my kiddos have needed my help a little more so I have been forgetting to pick up my camera but I did manage to snap a few shots this week.

Literacy Centers are up and running!  Here is a shot of our Collective Noun center that we used to review collective nouns.  This is available in my Weather ELA Unit.

We have started using our Math Journals everyday!  I used my Math Journals Resource Pack to get going and now we use the 2nd Grade Problem of the Day to start each lesson. We begin by highlighting the numbers in the problem and the keywords that secretly tell us whether we should add or subtract. I give them 3-4 minutes to solve on their own before we go over the problem.  I encourage them to solve using any method that works for them.  They typically choose very different styles.

Doesn't she look super happy to be working in her math journal??? No, I didn't pay her to smile like this and yes I asked her mother for permission to use her picture on the blog too : ) 

I introduced ScootPad in the computer lab on Wednesday and they picked it up so quick!  Kids these days are so into everything electronic.  This website is pretty awesome, many of my kids have been accessing the site from home to practice their math and reading (just for fun, I didn't even make it homework!).  They can earn points and buy rewards (but many have bought 1 night of no homework, I guess I should up the price!) I let them get online at school during our 20 minutes of math centers/games time each day, we only have 3 computers so we take turns.  We will also be going to the computer lab once a week for 45 minutes to get on as well for my kiddos who don't have easy access to the internet at home to get more online time. 

Our ELA theme this week was non-fiction weather.  We have Fun Friday every Friday and this Friday we experimented with two different types of weather.  My co-teacher and I teamed up and in my room I made rain in a cup (thanks to Pinterest!) and in her room she made artificial snow.  We live in NC where we hardly see any snow so needless to say the snow was a big hit! If you want to make it rain in your classroom all I used was a clear cup, water Barbersol shaving cream (1 can went a long way), blue food coloring and a straw.  I used the straw to poke a hole in our "cloud" since it was pretty thick and the "rain" couldn't get through. 

 And just for fun we made it rain blue and yellow to make green!

ELA Resources

Recently I had the opportunity to share some resources with the awesome teachers at my school during one of our professional development days.  I presented all the Common Core ELA resources I knew of, where to find them and how to use them during literacy block.  We are not currently using a basal reading series so we are pulling all of our resources to teach ELA each week from all over the place.  This can be quite exhausting, especially if we don't really know where to look.  

So, I compiled a presentation of where to find some good common core resources to help plan literacy block.  We are also using Words Their Way (WTW) and I briefly went over this topic as well.  I debated about posting the presentation since I did a lot of talking and this isn't conveyed well through slides but I tried to write as much information as I could since I ultimately decided that other teachers may want a big ol' list of resources as well. Here's what the presentation touches on:
-Using Words Their Way (getting started, management and routines)
-Centers and Station Ideas
-Scholastic Book Clubs and why EVERY teacher should join!
-Student Resources
-Lesson Planning Links
-A small list of Teacher Blogs (sorry if I didn't include you, but I tried to keep it to a minimum)

This presentation is FREE and you can access it by clicking on the image below, I have also include bits and pieces of some packets I sell on TPT (so followers of the blog will benefit and you can access these parts for FREE!). I listed the items I mention and a link below if you would like to purchase the whole packet.  Please let me know if this presentation is helpful to you, and feel free to share the ideas/resources with other teachers at your school!

Full Primary Punch Resources:

Math Problem of the Day

I have been having a tough time adjusting to our new math sequence that my district has given us.  We are teaching things now that I didn't teach until later and then there are things later that we don't teach now.  It's all very confusing and I am trusting that they knew what they were doing when they put our standards together : )  I decided I need to step up my math block and one way was to begin each day with a problem of the day.  I know this isn't a ground-breaking new idea but I also didn't have the materials to carry out a problem of the day for the standards we have to teach now.  So, I made myself a packet of 25 questions to use now until the end of the 1st nine weeks and to help keep me organized.  I plan on going through the questions in order (since that is the order of our districts sequence).  If you are having the same problem, check out my new problem of the day pack for $3.00 on TPT.  Even if you have a different sequence than us, each card is labeled with the standard so you can skip around if you need to!
Thanks to all who have visited the Happy Fall Ya'll Sale, it ends today so head over to grab some great resources! And just for fun... First person to comment on this post (and leaves their e-mail) gets the new Problem of the Day packet for FREE 


Math Rings, Behavior Bank and Angry Verbs!

Hello Friends! Well, we have been super busy again this week putting some things into place in the classroom.  First,  I have assembled (with major help from my awesome teacher assistant) and send home our first round of math rings.  These were made by the amazing Erica Bohrer and are available for FREE from here. I print each level on a different color of construction paper and will work through addition and subtraction throughout the year (and hopefully get to multiplication with some of my kiddos).

I will "test" them on their facts in the mornings or during math if we have time, they also can practice their facts during math games/centers time. As an incentive to bring these back to school and practice, each student can earn an ice cream "scoop" when they pass a level.  I put two levels together on the initial ring so that's why the cone below has two purple scoops, usually its one scoop per color/level.  When they reach 5 scoops the student gets an ice cream treat! They are so into it and are trying so hard to pass the levels (and they just went home last Friday).  Fluency with addition and subtraction math facts is a new common core standard for 2nd grade and so far this has been pretty easily to implement!
Here's a wide shot of our cones, hopefully we'll have lots of purple scoops soon!  I don't know why it turned out so red but the cabinets are a reddish color. 
The lettering turned out cute and I wish I could say it was from my Cameo but sadly I don't have one.  Instead I printed them really big (font is MTF Jumpin' Jack) and then backed them on colored paper. 

We also started our Behavior Bank last week.  Here is a run down of the prices and payroll.  We have a lot of economy objectives in Social Studies and we have to learn to count coins and make change in math so this hits ALOT of our objectives plus it also creates great behavior!

We buy every Friday during math and these are the things they can "buy".

When I found out we have so many economic standards I decided a payroll would be good for them to keep track of what income they should be getting and how they can make money! Plus, I win with this since all of these things are how I want them to behave!

This is their "bank" where they keep their money.  I got these from the Dollar Tree they were $1.00 for 10 and I have used them year after year.  I just change the label each year.

Last but not least, we are working our way up to collective nouns this week but I felt that we should review nouns, verbs and adjectives first.  So, I saw this last night on Pinterest and thought they would love it to review verbs, and they definitely did! Each bird has a different verb on them.

Whew, that was a lot to accomplish this week so far and it's only Tuesday!


Some TPT Updates

Happy Saturday everyone!  I have been busy this morning updating a few of my TPT packets and plan on updating a few more in the next week.  There are some that I made almost a year ago and they need a little love.  If you have already purchased one of these packets, go to My Downloads and re-download the new, updated packet!

My district also recently released the Social Studies vocabulary for this year and I made a 2nd grade vocabulary set.  I will be working on 1st and Kinder as well, but they are not up yet!  Click on the picture to check out the 2nd grade set.
Can you tell that I am in love the with Print Candee frames?? They are just too cute! I hope everyone is having a restful weekend!


A few new things...

I have been creating/putting together a few new things for the classroom this week.  I am excited to get the routines underway so that we can get down to some serious learning! I forgot how many "little things" I put up around the room throughout the year!  Here are just a few of the things I have added this week. 
The word wall is up and ready to go for Monday.  I also just updated my Word Wall Task Cards which I put up this afternoon.

I just made these wh- questions which are in my Henry and Mudge pack to address the new common core standard we have this year.  I am hoping they will bring a little bit of fun to answering those tough comprehension questions!

 My standards are posted for next week, this is one thing I cannot stand doing, so I made 2nd grade posters instead of having to write the "I can" statements every day.  

My math games that I talked about yesterday are out and being practice, it is killing my OCD self that I didn't have enough clear buckets for all 5 stations!! 

 And last but not least, my decals came!!  Let's take a closer look....

I don't really have a "classroom library" corner so instead I put it on the door that connects my room to my co-teacher's room.  I think it looks fun and cheerful!

Anchors (Charts) Away!

I have been using my chart paper like it's going out of style.  I like to start lessons with an anchor chart or if we are having a hard time understanding a topic I like to make a chart to help clarify something (pay no attention to the pronouns on our noun chart, I took them off after I took the picture ).  Some of these charts I spent some time on and some I just threw together because we needed it (like the what is reading chart, which I have never had to use before but my new little nuggets needed some help).  I am a little rusty on my artsyness but have been getting better!  Some are not quite finished either (number lines), I plan on adding some more as we learn more about them. But here are a few of the charts I have made this week.  And that handsome pig is Poppleton, our week is centered around that crazy pig!

(I just read this again and noticed my mistake on Reading is #7...oops I will have to fix that tomorrow!)

I also broke out the math games today and boy were they a hit!  I have started my year out with these AWESOME free math games to review the 1st grade skills for the past 2 years and they work great!  Check them out for yourself, they only need a few materials and are easy to follow. Unfortunately I don't think this wonderful teacher blogs anymore but you can still access the math games!

Henry and Mudge!

I am desperately trying to stay ahead this year but with the new curriculum change that is proving to be very difficult.  However, I am so excited about next week because it's Henry and Mudge week!!  I have put together a packet of games, activities and graphic organizers today to help teach the ELA common core standards I will cover next week with the Henry and Mudge books.  If you want to check it out, click on the picture below.

Henry and Mudge used to be in our basal series which we don't use anymore but I will still read Henry and Mudge and the Starry night because it's such a good story. This story centers our week around camping which means I also can't wait to break out this guy from last year that was inspired by The Teacher Wife! She read this story last year and had some awesome ideas here!  We will gather around the campfire for Fun Friday where we will make smores and share our campfire stories that will be written during centers next week!