Open House

I just got home from our Open House and man are my feet hurting.  I forgot what it was like to stand (in anything but flip flops) for a couple hours at a time.  But, it was successful, I had 14 out of 17 families show up.  I still feel pretty lucky to only have 17 kids on my roster for the year so far and the families were all super nice. I am so excited after meeting them and know we are going to have a great year! Here are few pictures of my room set up.  I decided to go with the balloons and goldfish as a little gift.  It was a HUGE hit! I don't really mean to but I guess I have a star theme in my classroom.

These stars are on the table because my kiddos get to take their star over to their cubbies and pick which cubby they would like. Try not to look at that big mess of cords hanging from the desk.  I have to find a way to bundle them so they don't look like a mess. I wish the Smartboard photographed better, I thought my welcome slide was so cute!

This is the view from behind the cubbies.  I think the balloons were awesome, I picked them up from Dollar Tree this morning.

The purple folders on the desks are the way I communicate each day.  I call them their STAR (Stuff To Always Remember) folders, sticking with that star theme. 

I stole Kristin from a Teeny Tiny Teacher's idea of a Wish Garden over there on my white board. Sadly, I think my garden is still growing, I didn't do a very good job of selling it tonight.

I used goldfish to keep the balloons from floating away, which was a Pinterest idea. If you like my oFISHally labels you can grab a copy for FREE by clicking here! I also ordered a tree and branch decal that Denise from Sunny Days in Second Grade shared from her classroom library to fill up some of the huge white walls I have by the windows, I can't wait for it to arrive! I need to go lie down and prepare myself for Monday, if I'm this tired after 2 hours, I can only imagine what Monday will be like!

My classroom so far...

Two days back and I am exhausted!  However, my roster is currently sitting at 15 kids, 15!!!  I'm sure it won't stay that way but I'm pretty excited about the number right now.  My room is still a mess but it is starting to look more like a classroom.  Here are just a few of the 234987325 tasks I tackled the past two days.
This is my Bear Paw wall that we use for our school-wide PBIS behavior management system. The stars are laid out for my Open House Scavenger Hunt (more on that next week!).

Here is my new and improved classroom library.  I change out the books in the baskets often to keep the titles fresh and I label them using the AR system. Chapter books are along the top. 

My new science wall that's ready for my science vocabulary cards.  The cute bunting is from Lovely Little Leaders! Sorry for the glare from the lamination!

I just finished organizing ALL my math manipulatives and classroom supplies into the blue tubs.  They were under $5 for 5 baskets at Wal-Mart. You can grab the labels for $1.00 from my TPT Store! Click on the picture to get them. I printed them on colored paper, colored ink is treasured at our school so I try to use colored paper whenever possible. The clear big boxes are my common core ELA units with the books I plan on using for each unit. (Those labels are not included in the manipulative pack). The white tubs are my non-fiction books.  I tried to put them with the rest of my library but there was just no room, so they are on this shelf instead.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this math alphabet from Lovely Little Leaders. and its FREE! I can't wait to add math vocabulary throughout the year.  Sorry for the messy counter, my room is still in progress!

I also made another cute bunting for outside my room, looking at this picture I think I need to add more color, it's so cinder-block looking! 

Well, that's it for now...still so much to do.  We have another week before kiddos come but LOTS of Professional Development is planned for next week.  I'm off to work on some 4th grade things for the awesome 4th grade team, hope everyone has a great weekend!


Schedule Cards {Freebie}

I found some cute schedule cards on Pinterest last night but they didn't quite have the sayings I needed for my classroom.  Sooo...I made some of my own to use in my room this year. You can grab a FREE copy of the set from Teachers Pay Teachers by clicking the preview below!

I also wrote down my To Buy, To Do and To Make lists in preparation for back to school and it is a doozy!!  But, I am pretty excited to get back into my room and create some of the awesome things I have seen on such great blogs out there!!  For starters, I am SUPER excited about this awesome Math Alphabet I found for FREE last night from Lovely Littler Leaders!   She teaches older kids but I am so glad I stumbled upon her blog because it is just adorable. I am planning on using the math letters for my math word wall, isn't it so stinkin' cute??

Click on the picture to get it from the Lovely Little Leaders TPT store!