Math Movers: Back to School Edition!

Click on the picture below to check out my new Math Movers: Back to School Edition Game!  Designed just like the previous Math Mover games, this edition contains 15 math problems designed to be used at the end of the first nine weeks of 2nd grade that engages students to get up, move around and talk about math! Math Movers is directly aligned to the Common Core Standards and an alignment guide is included.  Check it out!

I also need some bloggy help,  I seem to have done something to my pages above.  Blogger now says they don't exist when you click on about me or contact however, the pages will show up on the side bar.  Anyone have any ideas on how to change it back to how it was??  I have no idea what I did : (

Pacing Guide Q&A

I had a few questions about my 2012-2013 pacing guide so I thought I would answer them to clear up some confusion.  

Where did you find all this information?
I am fortunate in that my county has given its teachers several documents (scope and sequences) for each subject.  I took these large documents and pulled out the topic/standard for the time frame they required. There is ALOT more information/standards included, this pacing guide is just a snapshot of each week per subject.

Why/How did you pick this sequence of standards?
My county came up with the sequence that they want the teachers to use when teaching the standards.  I don't really have a choice in sequence since my county/state also creates quarterly assessments which align with the sequence of standards.

Where can I find information for my grade level and how can I make one for my grade level/county/state?
I have only gone through the 2nd grade material that my county has given us since I teach 2nd grade and its a lot of information to go through. I would make sure your county isn't going to require a certain scope and sequence before you making a pacing guide since you may have to change it quite a bit. If your county is not requiring a certain sequence of when they want you to cover each standard, I would head over to the Common Core website and begin by looking at the standards for your grade level and comparing them to the sequence you used last year.

I can't edit this file or find it on TPT, how do I get an version that I can edit?
 I have certain fonts/formatting in each document I make and when I post a version that is editable (is that even a word??) it messes up my formatting and fonts.  SO, with that being said...I did upload the powerpoint (I make everything in powerpoint and then save it as a PDF when it's finished) presentation to google docs if you are interested in revising my guide to fit your sequence/standards.  I'm not sure how the formatting or fonts will work out but you are more than welcome to try.  This document is not listed on TPT since it is FREE and very specific to my county.  I assumed not a lot of teachers would want this particular pacing guide but would rather just be interested in how I created it.  Click on the picture below to access the google docs file.
(If you change it and share it ANYWHERE on the web please credit the fonts to and the background paper to Dreamlike Magic Designs).

UPDATE:  I just checked out the google docs presentation and the formatting/fonts/backgrounds did not transfer.  If you are REALLY interested in an editable version I am willing to e-mail the powerpoint presentation. Please leave your e-mail address or comment on this post if you're interested and I'd be happy to send it to you. But, please do credit the fonts and backgrounds if you plan on posting it anywhere online.  Thanks!!

How can I print the file you posted?
I previously posted just pictures of each page of the guide.  If you'd like to print the guide you can follow this link and access the PDF on google docs. 2012-2013 Pacing Guide Link

I think that about covers all the questions for the moment.  If you think of anything else you'd like to know about the pacing guide or how to create your own, feel free to shoot me an e-mail or leave a comment and I'll be happy to help you figure it out!


Tell Me More, Tell Me More!

I love summer linky parties and this one is so fun!  Mrs. Lemons over at Step into 2nd Grade is hosting a link party called Tell Me More, Tell Me More (Grease reference anyone??).  So here goes some more information about me!
1. In April, I married the most wonderful husband (Mark).  He is also an amazing elementary teacher and baseball coach. We are currently suffering through attending the same graduate program together. We work together, go to school together and are so lucky to have so many things in common.  He really is the best and words cannot describe how much he means to me.

2. I am super lucky to teach 2nd grade AND have adjoining rooms with my very best friend!  We met during my first year teaching 1st grade and have been partners in crime ever since!  It's scary how many times we come to school wearing the same outfit and we swear we don't plan it! Like in this picture for example (sorry for the blurriness, a student took the picture and it's with my iPhone). It's rare to find such good friends and I am so glad to have her right next door, she makes teaching even more fun!

3. I LOVE everything to do with water.  I love beaches, lakes, rivers even pools.  This is somewhat embarrassing but since I'm in a sharing mood, I bought a blow-up pool for my backyard last summer because I was going through serious pool envy!  And my sweet husband would blow it up, fill it up and empty it for me whenever I wanted to lay out in it : ).  Here are some beautiful pictures of water places I have had the pleasure of standing in front of. 

4. I am an avid reader.  I particularly love young adult books (even though I am definitely too old of the genre) and I am a sucker for a good series.  I could spend hours in Barnes and Noble, I love my iPad but sometimes miss having to actually go walk around Barnes and Noble to find a good book. Here are some of my favorites.

5. I absolutely HATE to cook and will do everything in my power to go out to eat.  I have tried cooking and pinning new recipes but it's just so much work and nothing ever turns out as good as I want it to be.  The only recipe I have for something that's REALLY good actually belongs to Mark and it's his Buffalo Chicken Dip.  I can make that it and it always turns out yummy.

6. I am an Apple junkie (not the fruit) and am the proud owner of an iPhone, iPad and Macbook.  Love them all!

7. As much as I love being a North Carolinian, my home state of Virginia will always have a special place in my heart.

My family still lives in Virginia, who I miss dearly and don't get to see nearly as often as I would like.  Especially my two baby brothers (who aren't really babies anymore).

Well, that's probably more information than you ever wanted to know about me : )  Head over to Step into 2nd Grade and link up!


2012-2013 Pacing Guide

I stumbled upon the most awesome pacing guide over at Made for 1st Grade, those ladies really have it together and decided I needed that I should get going an make one for myself in order to gather my thoughts for what I want/need/have to teach this year. This will be my first year of Common Core and it's going to be a crazy one with so many changes!  
So, I took all of the 1393472 resources my county has given us to help prepare for next year and turned them into a very simple pacing guide.  I'm sure this guide will change (especially since there was NOTHING listed on our website for science during the 3rd nine weeks, maybe I don't have to teach science then???) and I definitely teach past May 24th but for some reason my weeks ran out even without Thanksgiving and Spring Break included.  I'm also sure that the county will come out with some sort of guide similar to this and I will have to make some adjustments but if you are in 2nd grade next year and wanted to take a peek at what my plan is, I hope this will give you a good idea. 

  I also have to throw in that I'm not crazy about the sequence of our objectives since they changed a lot from last year, but unfortunately that is the sequence the county has given us so I have to follow it. 

I also wanted to say WOW and THANK YOU to all of who have entered the giveaway!!  I'm excited to give away some great resources!  You still have until Friday to enter if you haven't already! Click HERE to enter!

Sweet Summer Giveaway!

In celebration of passing 300 followers on TPT and the fact that is indeed summer I am hosting a giveaway!!!  I will choose THREE winners by random number generator to receive ONE item of their choice from my TPT store!!!!  Just in time to get ready for back to school!  I am not cool enough to figure out how to work those fancy giveaway gadgets so check out the rules below to enter!
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