Common Core Resources

My school is trying to get a handle on what next year will bring when we transition to Common Core.  We have been using the Houghton Mifflin basal so this will be quite a change for us.  In an effort to help begin planning, I have been creating a list of on-line resources that offer lessons, activities, games and scope of sequences for the Core standards.  My school is also looking for what kind of resources we should buy to help implement the standards.  Since money is always tight these days, we want to make sure we buy things that offer the most "bang for our buck". If you or your school has bought book packs, computer programs, magazine subscriptions or online subscriptions that help teach the Core, I'd LOVE to hear about it.
As for the online resources, here is a nice little list to get started with. Again, I'd love to hear your feedback on using these or any others that I didn't list.

1. Pennsylvania Department of Education- FREE online database of materials and resources available by grade level and standard.

2. Common Core Maps Project- $20 to join for K-2,  $20 for 3-5.  Lesson plans, discounted materials

3. Pulaski County Common Core Standards Database - FREE K-2 Literacy and Math Units Broken down by week. Includes lessons and activities

4. Fort Smith Literacy- FREE curriculum maps, sight word lists, activities, K-2

5. Scholastic Common Core- Online web app to find discounted book packages to purchase that are aligned to the Common Core by grade to teach the ELA units.

6. Read Tennessee- FREE, Great database of lessons, centers and activities by grade and standard, K-3 (more to be added)

1. K-5 Math Teaching Resources- FREE, K-5 Math games and activities by grade level and aligned to each standard

2. Fuel the Brain- FREE online math games, aligned to each grade level and by standard, K-3

3. IXL Math- $199/yr. Online math games and activities aligned to Common Core, K-12

4. Read Tennessee- FREE, Great database of lessons, centers and activities by grade and standard, K-3 (more to be added)

5. National Science Digital Library- FREE online database of digital math lessons, K-12

Also, visit Utah Education Network for a TON of resources both literacy and math, they are currently experience an outage on the website, but they will be back up soon.  I hope this helps you get started with some resources and please share if you have something good that I didn't list.


  1. Love the resources...thanks!


  2. Thanks ladies, I hope you find them helpful!

  3. In the line of software try ScootPad. It is free for now and is aligned to the Common Core Standards.

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