Common Core Resources Part Two

I'm still on the hunt for anything and everything common core! Our school has started buying some books to teach the 6 units of ELA common core (as determined by the common core mapping project). I was searching Amazon for all of the exemplar text books needed to teach the units until I found a great website.  The  Basic Plus Books website has already grouped book according to units which makes it super easy to find and buy exactly what you'll need to teach each unit!  I already picked out several books to order for unit 1 and 2! And the cute picture of the two who run the website seem so sweet!

I also found that Scholastic has Common Core book sets by grade level that are very affordable for schools who don't have a lot to spend.  The books are categorized by standard not ELA units.  I mentioned this before but after playing around with it a little bit I was surprised how inexpensive the sets were for the amount of books you get.

And, I just happened to stumble across a website that I asked our school to buy subscriptions for, you may have already heard of it, A to Z Reading.  This website is a gold mine, although it does come with a price. It has resources for all the domains of reading, it offers digital books and tons of printable materials. Our county isn't planning on purchasing an overall basal series or set of common core materials (that I know of) and I think this website could be a huge help with supplementing materials that are already aligned to the core and by guided reading level.

I had heard a little about A to Z previously because they also have FREE iPad/iPhone leveled reader apps. They also offer some paid apps, but I have downloaded 20 of their free books which have comprehension questions at the end of the story and are great little readers. They look similar to this...

Last but not least, our school is looking to renew our Study Island subscription which is also aligned to the Common Core standards!  We have had Study Island for a while but they have also recently created a program called Reading Eggs for pre-K through 1st grade.  This computer program is not free but offers a wealth of instruction, assessment and practice lessons digitally.  They also offer state alignment until your state begins using the Common Core standards.  You can sign up for a FREE trial to see how you like the program with options to view state aligned courses and national standard courses.  If you or your school has found anything else, please don't be shy to share!


  1. Deana,

    Thank you so much for the link to our website, but more importantly for you kind words about my in-laws (the sweet people who run the company). We are a small family run business and are always happy to know that we are providing a quality product to the wonderful teachers who's job is soooooo important.

  2. Thank you for commenting and I can't believe you found my link! : ) The website is awesome, my school has ordered and we are planning to order more throughout the year!! Thank you for making it so easy to buy exactly what we need to teach the new standards!