Multicultural Night and a GIVEAWAY WINNER!

Let me start off with the fun stuff first, a winner!!!  Thank you to those sweet ladies who participated in my very first giveaway!  Since there was a total of six that entered, I just couldn't pick between six so all of you get a free item of your choice from my TPT store!  Congratulations Lori, Delighted, Kelly B., Miss Foote, Yearn to Learn and Vanessa!!  All you have to do to claim your prize is check out the items I have in the store and e-mail me at with which one you would like!!  And thanks again for playing, I hope you enjoy your freebies!

Now onto Multicultural Night...we do this at our school.  We usually only do it every other year because it just so much FUN that it takes a whole year to recover from it : )  So, how it works is that each grade level picks a continent, we create some decorations, put up some facts and pull together some kind of activity.  The activity has to be able to be done by Kinders all the way to adults since families come and it's a busy night.  We also hand out passports to each student that comes and when they "travel" around the world we stamp the passport for each place they visited.  Well, the 2nd grade team chose Europe and then each class picked a country.  We have five classes so there will only be five European countries represented.  I know that's probably not the best real-life portrayal of Europe but this is what we felt we could realistically handle.

Soooo....let me get to the point of this post.  I created a coloring booklet to go with the five countries we picked.  Each class is creating a huge flag for their country and when the other kiddos visit they can color their very own copy of each flag.  I know this isn't Earth-shattering or anything but I thought maybe some other school might have to do multicultural night and you could maybe use them. I also created "fact cards" that each class will use to research and work on together to go with our countries flag.  You can click on the pictures below to download them for FREE from google docs. (Oh and I would like to add that all the clipart came from google images and I am not in anyway trying to sell them, I just want to share them! Thanks!)



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