Angry Birds and Dr. Seuss

As I posted yesterday we are heading full force into the Angry Bird writing project.  I made some examples of the birds for my kiddos to see that are birds featured in the game.  These are examples because they can't copy the birds in the game, they have to create their own NEW Angry Bird.  But they are pretty cool.

We also wrote some about MLK which began with "I have a dream..." of course! They came out pretty great. The best was one little boy whose dream was that "everyone would have a friend because friends are hard to find even at school and everyone should have a friend for sleepovers." I have been all about writing lately!  Tomorrow I have a half day sub to help me complete my assessments but since I am a little bit OCD I have already finished.  Therefore, I'm supposed to spend my time planning.  I plan on creating/gathering some new resources for small group comprehension since this is what I believe will help boost my kiddos reading comprehension the most.  I will post what I find, stay tuned!

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