my classroom lately, according to my iPhone

One of my favorite blogs, Rockstar Diaries always has posts that are according to her iPhone and they are just so cute that I thought I would do a school edition.

Math journal foldable for even and odd review.  I used part of a paper bag that was leftover from a Bag Ladies project.  They cut it up the middle, wrote even and odd on each side.  On the inside they had to draw a set of shapes or symbols that we either even or odd as you can see above.  They could choose any number they wanted.

We introduced and studied triple venn diagrams.

 I saw this on pinterest as a "tattle monster" but since I teach 2nd grade where usually tattling isn't too bad I use it as an "AR monster".  We are big into A.R. at our school. Whenever they get a 100% on a test they fill out a slip of paper and "feed the AR monster". At the end of the week we draw names for each grade level and they get to go to the treasure box.  

This is my nobi friend where I do all of my mClass assessment.  It's very high tech and exciting : )  This is the first full year we are using mClass (we started in the middle of the year last year) and this little guy has been getting quite a workout.  Before him (as in the beginning of last year) I was using good ol' fashion carbon copy running records!  But just when I get good at using the nobi, we are supposed to be getting a bamboo tablet pad thing instead.  I'm kinda bummed because the nobi is usually pretty nice to me and learning something new is always tough. 

Right before break when my kiddos were bouncing off the walls I gave in a did a fun glyph (gasp!). I know, I know where's the rigor or the common core alignment???  Since I felt bad doing something that wasn't so academic, they also wrote imaginary stories to go with their gingerbread men and we read several versions of the story as a class.  The glyph is from Denise at Sunny Days in Second Grade and is a free download from her TPT store! 
This is technically the hallway but here is a picture of our 2012 new years resolution flip books.  I know I made a cute copy and all but I forgot to copy it and wanted to do it RIGHT THEN so I just used construction paper. 

And finally....we have been talking solid shapes this past week and each kiddo created their own set of solid shapes.  They were free from super teacher worksheets but as you may have read in my previous post, they are no longer free.  Although, I didn't last very long and already became a member.  : )



  1. I LOVE your math notebooks! Totally on my list of things to try for next year! :)
    Stories From Second

  2. Thanks Lisa, I hate the idea of math journals but now that we have them going I love them. The kids do too, they take such good care of them and want them to be really neat. I highly recommend them!