Are you a gamer?

I recently had the wonderful opportunity of attending the NCAEE elementary educator conference. Ron Clark was the keynote speaker and if you have ever heard him speak you know how awesome he is!   He is so inspirational and I don't know how he has the amount of energy he has!  Check out the video of the Ron Clark Academy kids singing a song about voting in the last presidential election.  It's amazing what he has been able to do to motivate and teach his students. He is all about building relationships with his students by connecting with them on things that interest them.

Anywho, I also went to a session about how to use video games to engage students.  This session was presented by a professor at the University of North Carolina at Wilmington and man, oh man, did he deliver!  He has created pre-made game templates that you can use with ANY lesson.  They are free to download and there are ALOT of them.  I already used the race game today with my kiddos while we reviewed some math skills and they were so into it just because the little cars moved when their team answered correctly!

You can check the games out for yourself HERE! If you get a chance to use them in your classroom, please share how you were able to use them!

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